We update this list daily by 10 am so that you can know what we have in shop. There is a chance we sell out of a specific item before you come in. If you would like us to reserve something for you, please text 205-872-6621 or email [email protected] We cut all of our meat + seafood in house. If you want something custom cut, let us know. 

Available TODAY meat & seafood

Prime Tenderloin

Prime Ribeye

Head off Shrimp

Atlantic Salmon Filets

 Gulf Grouper Filets

Available for pre-order. No minimum. Quick turnaround. 

Gulf Scamp
Steelhead Trout
Ora King Salmon
Black Cod
Steelhead trout

U10 Scallops
Gulf Lump Crab
Gulf Crab Fingers 
West Coast Oysters
East Coast Oysters

Next Week’s Weeknight Protein Boxes

Weeknight protein boxes are designed to make planning for your week easy. One night will be seafood, one night beef and one night sausage or chicken. The week prior we will post the menu. It’s $8.50 per portion. We send recommended recipes, but you’re welcome to get creative with what you do with the meat and seafood. 


Week of Sept 12 (pickup on the 13th or 14th; order by Sept 12) 

$8.5 per portion 



Housemade sweet italian sausage (frozen) – This sausage has been made in-house with Comfrey Farms pork, which grows small batches of the DUROC heritage breed. We mixed it with italian seasonings & love this sausage in pasta. 

Dry aged steak stir fry mix – The steak has been dry aging for 30+ days, making it incredibly tender and juicy. This stir-fry mix would be perfect in fajitas or an Asian dish. 

Atlantic salmon – Fresh-caught salmon makes for an easy weeknight meal.