DOMO is a takeaway seafood, meat and wine market located on the Riverwalk.

Our life is centered around the table and anchored by those we share meals with. In our house, Paul cooks every meal and the kitchen is where he feels most alive, creative and challenged.

Even if we’re eating at 9 pm, trying new recipes and ending our day with food that’s both delicious and inspiring is a simple ritual in our house. The seasons in our lives are chaptered by cookbooks and the best memories in our house are late dinners with friends who are willing to let us experiment on them with course after course.

It’s from this love that DOMO was born. Fresh seafood, prime beef, globally-sourced cheese and wine can be frustratingly hard to come by. We’re all used to shopping at big grocery stores and not being connected to the people, farms and stories behind the products we buy. While that’s not totally inescapable, we yearn to create an experience at DOMO that you can trust. A place in your neighborhood where you know the seafood is fresh, the wine list has been vetted and the meat is the top 2% of beef nation wide. We want to be your seafood-monger, your last-minute call for a charcuterie board, your quick stop for that perfect bottle of wine, your easy lunch and the place that makes cooking at home for yourself and for your friends that much more enjoyable. 

Audrey + Paul Vermilyea


 1650 Jack Warner Parkway Suite 1008 
Tuesday – Friday 11 am – 6 pm 
Saturday 9 am – 3 pm 
Sandwiches + Salads available daily until sold out

Text: 205-872-6753
Email: [email protected]
Shop phone: 205-872-6621


Fresh seafood
Natural wines
Prime beef 
Gift boxes
House sandwiches
House salads
Homemade bread
Gluten-free treats